Spring 2005

Missing Button Brooch
silver, buttons.

Condom Box
silver, bronze, plastic, condom.
this piece started with a trip to the upenn museum. the assignment was to choose an item and then recreate it for modern use. i chose a tibetan charm box, they were used to house prayers or relics to ward off evil sprits and to keep people safe. so i began to think of things that people carry with them to stay safe in today's society. the first things to came to mind were guns and mace, but that only applies to selective groups of people. 86% of adult males are said to carry condoms with them on most days. stds can be a danger to someone from any walk of life, many are unseen to the human eye, and in most cases they hang around forever. stds are todayÂ’s equivalent of evil sprits.

silver, buttons, cut stones.

silver, carved plastic.

silver, dirt, seedlings, found objects.

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  1. The condom box is awesome!

    Very impressive art you've created here.