Angelito, a Mourning Portrait.

brooch 2006
electroformed copper, enamel, sterling silver, 18k gold and gold leaf.
Photo by Ken Yanoviak

“Angelito, a Mourning Portrait” is my interpretation of a traditional piece of mourning jewelry. When children are subjects of funerary portraits, they are often depicted as little angels; in Mexico they are known as “angelitos”. The life of a child is such a precious thing, and in return the death of a child is horrific. This is why I chose to replicate a plaster cherub face to depict death. There is a fragility about the small face, lovingly held in its setting like a precious gem, that evokes the feeling of an ephemeral life.
To miniaturize the form to make wearable I used the 3-D scanner and printer, technologies answer to molding and casting. I then electroformed the resin print out in copper and removed the resin leaving a copper shell to enamel on. Like a painter, with subtle use of color I was able to capture the feeling of life slowly fading out of his face.

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