geeky metalsmith club!

about two years ago my lovely friend dixie darling had this wonderful idea to start an informal crit group for jewelers to get together and geek-out on jewelry. the first meeting had three attendees dixie, trudee hill and me. in the past two years the group has definitely grown and gone through some changes. one thing that hasn't changed at all is the inspiration that i get from our monthly gatherings that dixie hosts in her living room.
this month one of our members, sally von bargen; maker, collector and supporter of art jewelry, was kind enough to host a get-together for the geeks. she made a delicious dinner and shared her incredible jewelry collection with us. here are some photos that frances smersh took of the evening:

jewelers admiring jewelry

sally giving us the tour
dixie modeling an antiwar neckpiece made by sally
thank you so much dixie & sally for making this happen, it was an awesome night!

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