i am very happy to say that my electroforming endeavor is well underway. i have to admit i was a little nervous setting it all up and with my first couple of samples. but now i have been electroforming nonstop! i am very happy with the results and it was much easier to set up than you might imagine. this is what i used and it is all you really need.

i got an acid safe plastic container from the restaurant supply store. and a slightly larger cheap plastic storage container. i figured it wouldn't hurt to double up, its easier for storing it and i don't have to worry about anything spilling )
i have a three gallon tank filled with electroforming solution from rio
(order # 335-074 $16.45 per quart)

18amp precision plater from rio
(order # 335-187 $280)

i like to do my sculpting and carving with castilene. (i prefer the med)

i got my copper paint from safer solutions. (they are in philly)

for the anode i used 16 gauge pure copper sheet from rio
(order # 132-116 @$16.00 per 6"x12")
and 10 gauge pure copper wire from rio
(order # 132-310 @$13.00 per lb spool)
i also used this wire for the rods in the tank and the cathode rods.

here are some examples of just a few of the things that i have plated. check back for more work in progress photos

here are a few helpful online electroforming resources


  1. when i was an undergrad we did not have equipment for electroforming, but i always wanted to try it. i think the process would lend well to my work also. it's completely awesome that you have access to this in your own studio. *jealousy*

  2. Annie8:46 AM

    this is awesome. i have always wanted to learn electroforming. keep it up steph it is looking great!!!