oceanic inspiration

last week i was having a very hard time narrowing down my color palette. i am just about ready to do all of my enameling so that was becoming pretty stressful. i decided to go out and do a little christmas shopping with my friend erica. [i was so engrossed in making jewelry that i almost did not realize that i hadn't left my apartment in three days. so i figured going out in the real world would do me some good.] we were in a book store so i started flipping through ocean photography books for inspiration. i found a few great images scattered through out each book. then i came across the book "oceanic wilderness" by roger steene and let me tell you it is 340 pages of eye-candy. minimal text and not one bland photo, needless to say i didn't hesitate for one second to buy this book (despite being broke). these are just a few images from the book that have inspired my palette, hope you enjoy them as much as i do. [you should really click on them to view them full scale and see all of the yummy details.]

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  1. Stephanie, this post is so beautiful. The book looks fantastic. Thanks for sharing. Gina