Spring Cleaning

My last post about carrier shells made me think about how much better my hoarding problem is as an adult. When I was a kid and my mom would throw away a broken toy or set aside old clothes to take to the goodwill. I would pick through the trash or goodwill pile and sneak my stuff back up to my room. Sorry Mom. This made me laugh and decide that today was a good day for a spring purge. So I went for my clothes closet. I was pretty harsh this time, parting with some of my very favorite pieces from the past. But I realized that if it was my favorite dress 5 years ago but I haven't worn it in 2 years, what's the point. Its not doing anyone any good sitting in my closet. So maybe now it will have a new life as someone else's favorite dress. And it feels so good to fill up a garbage bag with clothes and haul it off to the goodwill... Well lets hope I get it to the goodwill before I start to look through it again.

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  1. I bag up stuff about every two months. Busted stuff gets scrap bin, rag bin, or the trash. Goodwill for nice things that have fallen out of favor or that I don't fit in anymore. (Sidenote: keep a list of the stuff you donate, because it's really helpful at tax time if you're itemizing deductions.)

    Sometimes I'm bad and will buy new things to replace the ones that left, but I try to limit it to needed items that fill a particular gap.