Arthur Hash Workshop and 2010 Symposium

Arthur Hash Workshop
"Up-cycling is the practice of taking something that is disposable and transforming it into something of greater use or value. This process allows for the reduction of waste and the dynamic use of materials. In this class I will challenge students to create wearable objects that are comprised of materials that would have otherwise ended up in the trash heap. The class will combine common materials with traditional jewelry methods. Demonstrations will combine basic tool and shop skills as well as new material processing techniques." I really wish that I could attend this workshop, you should take it and tell me all about it!

2010 Symposium
This year I am looking forward to the great line up at the Northwest Jewelry and Metals Symposium. Klaus Bürgel will discuss about "producing installations, drawings, objects and jewelry that relate to each other across the broad terrain of scale, explore that region and comfortably live within it." Kim Cridler "will explore the recent resurgence of ornamentation in a variety of craft disciplines and how its legacy has influenced her studio practice and holds the promise to enrich our day-to-day lives." Arthur Hash "will speak about how digital tools and technologies are changing art and design in the classroom and in the working craft studio." Marvin Jensen will tell the story of "the paths that he has chosen to walk as a maker." Elizabeth Shypertt "will talk about her experiences as a gallerist and her observations of the field from her unique perspective." See you there!

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