into the woods

It seems like my sources of inspiration have been following the natural course of evolution and coming out of the water and onto dry land. Back in October I took a backpacking trip to Kauai where I was expecting to find myself scouring the beaches and sea floors for bits of inspiration. But I was actually much more excited about the strange and beautiful things I found growing in the jungle. Here are just a few photos from my trip

Lately my go to book for inspiration has been Treasures of the Fungi Kingdom by Taylor F Lockwood it is a fantastic resource for colors and textures. Here is a taste of what's inside...

vivarium came down last week and today i cleaned off my bench! now i am ready to move onto my next endeavor in jewelry and i'm excited to share my progress along the way, so stay tuned...

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  1. the word is autentic magic! fantastic immages!