Big Year Ahead!

So as you may have already noticed, I am not really much of a blogger. I have a super busy year ahead of me in the studio, big changes, big shows and lots of new work to make! I have decided to take the blog off of my list of things to do, so I can spend more time making and less time on the computer. This doesn't mean I am going to leave everyone in the dark. If you want to hear about exciting news in my jewelry world and see pictures of my work in progress, studio shots and shows "like" my Facebook page, it will definitely be full of updates this coming year. Also, I recently discovered Pinterest and totally love it! It is so great for finding and sharing inspiration, check out my Pinterest page to see the things that I am inspired by.

It is still a little too soon to start sharing the details, but I can say I am very excited about all of the opportunities coming my way!

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