a fond farewell

today was my last day of teaching. i was really sad to say goodbye to all of the kids and the other teachers, but i am so excited to spend all of my time in my studio now! all of the kids made me lovely going away gifts and i wanted to share one.
elliott (age 5) said to me "i know you are leaving us to go make jewelry, so i was thinking you must really like jewelry." he made me this wonderful necklace and a matching bracelet.

another thing that i wanted to share today is that the hcj project has added indulge to their list of upcoming exhibitions. and they put an image of my work on their main page! hcj is another really great resource for jewelers. if you haven't already checked it out you should!

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  1. The teddy bear is especially sweet. How sad to leave them, but how awesome indeed to leap off that cliff...