studio in shambles!

yesterday my boyfriend brandt and i discovered that our apartment is totally infested with mold (black mold, yellow mold, green mold and white cotton candy mold). brandt and i share our studio space in the master bedroom and thats where the worst of the mold is. brandt actually lost some artwork and materials in the battle. right now i should be on a plane to the east coast to see my family and friends for thanksgiving. but i had to push my flight back a few days to make sure that this problem gets solved asap! i have so much work to do for indulge, so i need my studio to be up and running when i get back into town. i have big plans for next week i'm setting up an electroforming tank and making jewelry till my thumbs fall off, i'm not going to let a little mold slow me down.


  1. oh man, gross. good luck dealing with that - make sure you wear protection!

  2. is that in your studio? wow! that looks kinda like jewelry you'd make. well, just a little.....