i'm glad thats over

the mold is gone! my landlord was really great and had everything cleaned and painted, with mold inhibitor paint. so we moved back in last night. we also got a dehumidifier and i can already feel the difference. and the best part is....

i have a functioning studio again!!! (and its even more organized than before) i spent today getting rid of all of the things that i don't t need and organizing everything else. yesterday i took a field trip to storables here is what i got.

a bamboo organizer: for all of the things strewn about my bench

magnetic spice jars: for my delicate little collections

and last but not least file folders: for all of the receipts and papers that never seem to find homes
*super cute tree and fox post-it notes found at click! design that fits.

its always hard for me to get rid of things that i still think are useful, especially in my studio. but some days i have those moments of clarity where i realize that if i am NEVER going to use, it really isn't useful. and i always feel so much better after a good purge.

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