christmas came early!

indulge is coming up in february and decided that i need to be electroforming the work that i want to make for the show. i also realized that i am broke and my deadline is quickly approaching. in a desperate attempt to find any local, cheap or easy electrofoming resources, i sent out a mass email to everyone that i know (and don't know) asking for advice. i heard back from a few people with a couple of leads (that i had already tried). and as always i got some great information from rod mccormick. then i got a proposal from sally von bargen, offering to purchase me the supplies that i need in exchange for a credit towards my work. as she put it "getting the right tool quickly is very important, then my focus can shift from technical needs to creative solutions." i was totally blown away. someone that i had only met a couple of times (at geeky metalsmith club) was going to enable me to make the things that i really want to create. today i met up with sally and got all of the supplies and started assembling my tank! thank you so much sally!there are people out there who really believe in supporting artists. so my advice is that it can't hurt to put it out there and see what you get back.
check back in for updates on my electroforming endeavor...

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