Royal Loyals

Today is the opening for Royal Loyals at Sienna Gallery. The exhibition is a collaboration of Monika Krol (jeweler) and Danielle Rizzolo (painter), both artists who I truly admire. The concept for their show is "Mentors as Muses: A collection of work created about three admirable lives. Not lives of power or status instead individuals who do what they love and succeed at it." I think it's a lovely idea for a show, backed by unbelievable work. I am also drawn to this work because two of their subjects, Judith Schaechter (stained glass artist) and Lola Brooks (jeweler), both happen to be teachers who were hugely influential for me also. Just a few years ago I was admiring Monika's work at the crit table at UArts, and now I am so excited (but not the least bit surprised) to see it on the front page of Sienna's website. I wish I could be at the opening tonight to see the show in person, but being on the other side of the country makes that a little difficult. Best of luck ladies and congratulations!!!

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